We are an Estonian-owned company established in 2010. For the couple of last years we are mainly involved in paper & board wholesales to many countries worldwide.

The most rapidly developing project for today is other than A-grade materials trading. The quality of such materials, in general, does not fundamentally differ from the A-grade, being often either warehouse surpluses, side-runs reels or with minor defects and/or faults presence in the outer-/overpackaging that do not have any negative and significant effect on the consumer characteristics of the end products.

Thanks to our extensive trade contacts we can offer our customers the best and possibly lowest market prices for almost the full range of paper & board types: different FBB grades, C1S & C2S boards, different SBS grades, Cupstock, Kraft paper & boards and etc. This allows to reduce the end-products costs and thus become more competitive and flexible on the market.